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Euler Business Development

EULER BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT aims to develop multiple actions, in synergy, in favor of the economic development BRAZIL – WORLD.

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EULER BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT relies on a wealth of strategic information and a group of experienced international consultants and employees, whose network extends across all continents.

EULER BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT is the result of a partnership between ROGUIER EMPREENDIMENTOS and a pool of experienced consultors to form the executive team:

  • CMO – J-P. BELLAVIA – Consultor O&G – Former Diretor SCHLUMBERGER BRAZIL
  • COO – J. CAINO – Consultor O&G – Former CEO Advisor REPSOL SINOPEC
  • CEO – Sebastien Patrick ROGUIER – Head Consultor


  • H. PADILHA – O&G – Executive Director E&P
  • Viviane LOGULLO – Executive Director  – Environmental Consulting.
  • J.C. JUCÁ – Executive Director – Key Account
  • M.DELVILLE – Executive Director – Commodities
  • P. MARTINS – Executive Director – China
  • M. TISSOT-FAVRE – Executive Director – EU / Africa


ROGUIER / EULER BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT is the arm of IBH’s business operations worldwide.

  • Itacolomi Souza – CEO of IBH
  • Promotion of economic and cultural development
  • Government’s call for tender in Honduras
  • commercial deployment in Honduras



EULER BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT selects projects to integrate the commercial pipeline.
The projects are diversified and reach various sectors of the economy: Commodities Trading, Energy, O&G, Transportation, Logistics, Sanitation, Environment, Technologies, Health…

Through our group of consultants and our international network, we find the Investors / Operators capable to materialize the projects, as well as acting as a consultant to help our clients to enter the LATAM zone.

Our action is based on the institutional work of our partners.


Competences – Discretion – Efficacy  

  • Infrastructures, Logistics, Transports, samitation
  • Office Market Research – Due Diligence – Investment Funds 
  • Escrow Agent
  • Commodities 
  • Gold, Diamond
  • Energy: Oil, GNL, Coal, Windpower…
  • M&A – JV